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zoom meeting, large room 150 people, input microphone ( s ) setup?


zoom meeting, homeowners association, ballroom, 150 attendees.  and moderators at front .  any way to use a microphone that is hooked to computer, along with the web camera, to record their sound, would pick it up from the overhead speakers.

(and if so, what types are good?)


do we have to tap into the sound system and if so, how to connect that to the laptop, widh single usb port, along with webcam?

any feedbck appreciated, thanks



Hi, I am Sam. We use Zoom in a church context and after a while I think I have cracked the setup as it for the audience involves usual amplified audio. Normal setup:Computer (A) extra mix sound from sound desk on Line in OBS virtual camera to Zoom, sound via AB virtual cable.
For a hybrid to function without squeaking feedback, it requires another computer (B) running Zoom as client. Computer B has an audio interface connected (Focusright or in our case Behringer U22) the microphone input uses the special mix from the sound desk (mentioned earlier that feeds computer A (I have done it with simple headphone splitter). The output from Computer B goes to a MP3 input on the sound desk, (usual use, to play music e.g. off a mobile phone or other device).
Settings: The Zoom sound on Computer A is turned off, the camera (virtual camera from OBS is on and at least  pinned) The sound that's being recorded arrives from Client B via Virtual Cable B
The Zoom sound on Computer B is on.
Settings on the sounddesk: Front of House layer as usual, special (streaming mix) microphones are on. Difference between the two: FOH MP3 input LIVE for in house audience to hear on loudspeakers but MP3 for streaming mix OFF.
A condenser microphone is placed central among the congregation and into the sound desk, to capture Q&A to go to Zoom, usually not required for in person attendees (people forget to use handheld microphones).
Important: to have microphone input only going to one place, else, due to lag you'll get doubling echo
Turn musician settings in Zoom to ON
Video: To show the in person congregation to those on Zoom, we have a HDMI camcorder connected  10 mtrs to a HDMI to USB capture stick into computer B where it becomes the camera source (you can see the OBS capture in Zoom from computer A, the in house attendees and anybody else connected to the event via Zoom)
HDMI output from computer B to duplicate splitter, then one spur to a TV, the other spur to a HDMI to USB capture stick into computer A (Mac Mini) where it becomes a video source in Propresenter 7.
Exceptional: If you run Powerpoint Presentation on yet another computer (C), then you have to have another HDMI switcher which then enables toggling to show Zoom Gallery view to projector as well, or the Powerpoint or whatever is on computer C, while you remain in Propresenter7, projecting through it the usual way

thanks very much for reply !

i will keep this as research material for our project.  I need something simpler first, because we are only doing about three meetings per year.  but if we expand this out, then we need to improve it more.  the simplest thing i need to do first is get a simple tap into the mike system, and i believe we found that.  and then the device for computer to allow plugging in of that feed.

again, thanks very much !



error correction Mac Mini with Propresenter is yet another separate machine, its propresenterprojector output captured into OBS