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Is anyone having an issue using the zoom app?  I am having an issue with 1. scheduling a meeting through the app and 2. editing an existing meeting.  When I choose to do either, it says loading and then I get a blank, white page pop up.  I know I can do via the web but wanted to check if anyone else is experiencing this on the zoom app.  I've reached out to zoom help center but no response as yet.  Thank you




I wonder whether your problem is related to one that we have.  It's a 

new/recently manifesting connectivity problem for Zoom ( over our ethernet LAN. The Zoom address apparently resolves ok -- i.e., sending "ping" requests to succeed, with replies received in 10 to 14 msec. Browsers' tabs trying to access the url show a "One platform to connect | Zoom" label and (with Chrome) a white 'Z' on blue background disc within a circling arrow while trying to load the page. However, after a minute or two, attempts to load the page halt with no error message and nothing (i.e., a blank, white page) displayed from the site.

Browers' requests to load pages for urls other than succeed over ethernet without apparent problem.

Connections over wireless to (via same router as the one providing our ethernet link) succeed almost instantly, with display of the expected Zoom home page.

These behaviors are consistent using two browsers and three Windows laptop hosts at our home (two with Norton 360 firewall, and the third relying on Eset Smart Security Premium), and they persist after power cycling the router, its connected switch and the Verizon Fios hardware.

Is the behavior described above a known issue (hopefully, with a known solution) for accessing the Zoom web page?