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the guest E-mail is hidden


Hello, I want to know how to see our guest/participants E-Mail who was joined our meeting?. In the report of meeting, I can not seen the guest E-Mail because is hidden, only host email is showing in the report. It was happened since march 1st 2022, before that, it was never happening. the notifications said "If the participant is Guest, and no emails were uploaded to Zoom in any form (for example, by entering emails to register to join the meeting, or the host provided the participants e-mail to Zoom), the guest E-mail is hidden". So did you know how to un-hide the guest E-Mail? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Starting March 1, 2022, you may notice some changes in the way you can report on your meetings and webinars.


Zoom will remove email addresses for users flagged as guests from Account Reports,  Dashboards, and Zoom REST APIs  unless they meet certain conditions. Please note, email addresses of users on your own account will continue to be shared with your organization for reporting, as usual.


Please review FAQ on the upcoming changes from Zoom Support here:


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@colegs -- Emails are still not visible via meetings > usage reports and I have authenticate meeting participants setting enabled.

I am unable to see emails via tests done 1) created a new account, email entered and 2) created a new account, SSO. On both tests, profiles showed up as guests. Is this why I am unable to view the emails from Usage Reports? How do 'authenticated' users join a meeting as non-guests? Will this enable emails to be visible then?


Was this ever solved? I'm unsure what the point is of authenticating meetings now without being able to download a report of the attendee email addresses after. I need to be able to download a list of email addresses following a meeting as there could be 70 people on a meeting and I cannot manually 'tick' people off a list to ensure that they are followed up with etc. Zoom, please advise. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@W180_Hosanna and @DulcieRowe , the specific conditions where the emails will be displayed is either authentication exceptions (i.e. you require authentication and specific domains, but specify email addresses as an exception to the required domain), or external authentication was used (i.e. not the sign-in SSO, but a specific SSO integration for joining the meeting).  If the users are on your account, the emails will show up.


@W180_Hosanna did you test these specific scenarios?  If not, which of the scenarios in the FAQ were you testing so I can try to validate on my end?

The authentication open will not work for my organization (charity who run support groups/services) since the people attending the meeting can change right up to the last minute before it starts so it's not possible to download and enter in all the expected attendees email addresses.  Really frustrating that this feature has been changed, it's made our work very difficult. 

@coleg Our scenario is similar to @DulcieRowe  where meeting participants come from different global organizations and can also be individuals who are not tied to or are part of a company. Therefore, they would not be users on our account. Furthermore, the set prerequisites for authentication (if we are to enable and setup, very laborious) is limited to paid Zoom users. This truly limits the usability and functionality as we can't restrict participants who join our meetings. The ability to see participant emails, specifically of those who attended, would only work if registration is required.