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sharing screen with either live music or music video's




I am wondering what changed 3-4 weeks ago that when broadcasting/sharing the screen for our weekly worship, our on-line participants cannot hear the organ music.  Prior to that time period, we had no problem and our on-line congregants enjoyed joining in the singing.  No they either do not hear the organ or the organ music is garbled and they only hear a note or two.  


Likewise, when I meet in small groups and try to share music videos (YouTube or other on-line sources, the music doesn't play or is garbled and neither I or those in the meeting can hear anything. 


Hoping that you can help me resolve this.  if not, I fear we will need to find another platform for our church to use.  Right now the church has and account and I have my own personal account, but this issue is severely impacting how we use Zoom.