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"master speaker" for speaking while auto-muting others ?


Hi everybody,

my question sounds "easy", but can't figure out :

I wish to organize 1 meeting between 2 groups. And i wish than ONE (defined) of the 2 groups, may talk and automatically mute the 2nd group during his talk, and automatically unmute after his speech.

You're talking and someone of the 2nd group wish to correct you immediately while muting you at the same time for avoiding brouhaha.  And when they stop talking, you're unmuted.   Something like a "master" speaker i guess.


I think it is possible (easy idea in fact 🙂 )    but how ? (and meeting or webinar in that case ?)

Any idea/suggestion will be welcome


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @FranckENSFEA


 A meeting/webinar host and co-host can mute a participant/panelist (Webinar) but they cannot unmute a participant. They can ask the participant to unmute, but it is against Zoom's privacy compliance to allow the host to unmute a participant. 


Please see this support article as a reference to the above.




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Hi Brandon, and thanks for the answer.

In fact i look for a way of speaking AND muting everybody else in "one action"       Like in some physical meetings where the boss has a special microphone automatically muting all people excepted him when he talks.