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"WRONG" "waiting for host to start" the meeting, error messageOFTEN, but I AM THE HOST... help!....


I get the horrible, and also wrong,

 "waiting for host to start" the meeting, error message,


OFTEN, but I AM THE HOST... help!....


why is ZOOM software so bad!!!.... I use 2 emails all the time, and send an invite to other one, but I log on as main one and get this nonsense on my iMAC & can NOT log in to MY MEETING....


I open the invite I get on my main calendar on my computer from sending the original invite on my hotmail/outlook account using CHROME on my imac.... but it won't let me , the HOST, join!?!>.... 


unless I open the other invite on my calendar on my iPhone and open that too... which is not always convenient and should not be needed... how can I fix this before I just quit zoom forever and go back to teams (which lacks the great green screen option of zoom)....??



Your wrong ,you must to wait your host till he open the device in your room.bberkzoom

I am the host... so this makes no sense....why does zoom think I am NOT the host when I created the meeting???


Oh aren't to offend you ,yes you are the one to create  the meeting,


The invite is precisely that, an invite for your guests/participants/attendees, you need to login with your Zoom credentials and then join the meeting, if you follow the invite you will be considered a guest/participant/attendee and not a host.