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"Integrate Zoom to Outlook" Option asks for admin rights on some computers of my company


At my work, we've been ask to make sure the option "Integrate Zoom to Outlook"  is fonctionnal.

It seems to work on most computers, however a few PCs that were selected were prompted for admin rights when checking the box.


Does anyone have any insight on why that would happen, and about what could help in fixing the issue?


Thank you for reading 🙂



I am seeing the same behavior with updates.  I recently enforced the newest version of zoom, but that is now causing these problems on all workstations.


  I would assume UAC is preventing the system changes without admin approval.  Is anyone aware of a way to deploy Zoom updates with an administrator account or otherwise circumvent this permissions dialog when an end user (who does not have those permissions) is trying to update their client?