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"Color Blind" persons can't navigate Zoom well.


How about someone at Zoom coming up with a "color blind" feature of Zoom so people with color blindness can overcome their handicap.  One judge in particular has this problem and he can't tell if people are muted when the red light covers the microphone.  Is there already an application or an option or feature that will help him and others with his handicap on Zoom?  Please let me know.  Thank you.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello CorTreePorter,


Please check out our Accessibility FAQ for lots of great information as well as a contact email to our accessibility team.


Additionally, with your specific use case above, I would like to point out that users do not need to rely on the red color change for mute alone.  As you will see in my attached screen captures, we also change the icon itself, not just the color.


In the bottom on your zoom client (as well as in the participants list) you will see that in addition to changing to red, the icon change shape by adding the slash through the microphone and the text underneath the icon changes.  In the video square for each user the microphone icon will only be present when the user is muted.  When unmuted the icon disappears. 


Hopefully understanding these additional visual cues in addition to colors will be helpful for your users.


Please feel free to 'Accept as Solution' if you're now seeing success or write us back if you need more help.