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newest update severely reduced speed


I'm not sure what section this should be in.


I'm on Windows 7 and was forced by zoom to update to the newest version.

Now it takes over 3 min to start up and another 3 to join any meetings. 
It used to be instant.
Because of this severe delay, I thought it was just getting hung up and just wasn't working so I've been doing the whole uninstall, reinstall, reboot, etc... thing the past few days trying to get it working until I now saw that it just takes forever to load.

I've noticed that it creates 9 instances of msedgeview2.exe in my processes now, which I never noticed before.

Either way, this is way too long in todays computing world for an app to open.  I'm looking at 6 min total to get into a meeting now when a few weeks ago before the forced update, it only took a few seconds.

Does anyone know of any fixes and/or how to turn off the auto-updates?  I don't like them being on for this specific reason. 
This is really bad if now it's going to take over 6 min to join a meeting through the program, or now forcing me to buy a new computer because the app updates are crippling my functionality.



Same here, it really sucks and messes with my zoom classes for adults.  I want the old way back.