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my "via airplay" screen sharing option is missing


I've been trying to use "iPad via airplay" option for my screen sharing, 

but from the moment I unchecked [SystemPreference-Sharing-Airplay receivers] 

the option literally vanished,,


Is there any way I can bring back the option..?


FYI, the reason I unchecked /Airplay receivers/ was because there was a tip on google that if I had an airplay connection issue I could try that (and it did work on my friend's MacBook Air,,)


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @jueraser, hmm, recommend re-checking all notes and prerequisites for Sharing your screen (iOS) with the Zoom desktop client. Have you tried updating your Zoom client, MacOS, Plugins, etc.? 


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Everything’s up to date😔

The “via airplay” button was always there and it suddenly vanished as soon as I unchecked <airplay receivers>-as shown in the photo I uploaded..