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move meeting to different zoom account


I need to move an already scheduled Zoom meeting to a different Zoom account.  The Zoom link has already been shared.  At the beginning of the meeting, is there a way to share a new Zoom link with participants so when they log into the original link they can be redirected to the new meeting?  


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @leah895 thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! One possible idea is to edit the existing meeting and add the new person to the meeting as an alternative host. Both users would need to be licensed and part of the same Zoom tenant, but this would let people join the existing meeting and not have to change the meeting ID, and the alternative host could start and host the meeting.


When you delete users from your Zoom tenant, there is an option that pops up to let you move meetings and other information to a different user. Both users would need to be a part of the same tenant in this scenario, too. 


There is not a way to have them join a meeting and automatically be launched into a separate meeting. You may be able to set something up but it is not something you could easily configure in Zoom. You could also have the new meeting link copied so that when people join the first meeting, you have the new meeting link in chat. It would be best to have people copy the link, leave the first meeting, and join the second. This would take a few extra steps but would definitely work. 


More information on Alternative Hosts in Zoom


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