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meeting room without a host


Hi, I read all the info on selecting an alternative host for a scheduled meeting but I can't find it there is a way to set up a zoom room that there is an alternative host for all the time. IE our org using one room link over and over and I want a co-worker to be able to host there as well, unscheduled , like  "hey ;et's hop on zoom" and can let people in the room without me.... thanks for the help



If you set up the meeting without a waiting room, people can enter the meeting anytime after the designated entry time (usually 15 minutes before the scheduled start time). You should set up the meeting so that participants can share their screens. There is no need for a host to present, unless the people in the meeting need to  change something that only a host can do.

You can designate a co-host, but I believe that can only be done by the host after the meeting starts. Another way is for the scheduler of the meeting to give hisorher host key to any member who might wish to use the claim host function. If a user who has the host key enters a meeting before the host, that user, now a participant,  can click "Participants" in the Participants  section and there should be an option (lower tight usually) to "Claim Host." The participant then gets a prompt to enter the host key.   

If the original host enters a meeting after someone else has claimed host,  the original host has the option, in the Participants section, to "Reclaim Host."

The host key is in your profile in the "Meeting" section.

Thank you. But is any of that possible without scheduling a meeting, let's say im on the phone w someone and want to hop on zoom, would I have to have the host schedule a meeting for right then? How can I just hop on using the hosts room- as this is the room we all chat through...


If you have a basic Zoom account, you can create a new meeting and send the connection information to your interlocutor (the other person) via email or text.  Since you create the meeting, you are the host. If you have a basic account you are limited to 40 minutes.  Another way is to schedule a meeting that starts just about when you create it. You should be prompted to start the meeting right away. If you schedule a meeting, then after 40 minutes, if anyone reconnects using the same meeting ID, you get another 40 minutes.

Perhaps you are in an institution where your account is part of the institution's account. You may have have the right to create a meeting with no time limit. Perhaps your main host has set up a room that is basically always open--where anyone with the connection information can get in anytime and  talk to anyone else in the room. That would one long meeting, but it would have to be a meeting without a waiting room. The only time you need a host to let you in is when the meeting has a waiting room.   If you schedule a meeting for you and someone else, don't have a waiting room.