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launching a meeting



I've been using zoom with no problem since the beginning of the pandemic and then last used it in April with no problem. (For the last year or so though every time when I first try to join a meeting it said "instalI updates". I click on that and EVERY time it says "update failed" but I could then click on "launch meeting" again, and I had no problem. )However, trying to join a zoom meeting a couple of weeks ago, I opened Zoom and then when I click on "launch meeting" nothing happens. I've tried this over and over again to no avail.


I then completely uninstalled Zoom and reinstalled it (thinking the latest version with the updates would load). When I download the installation and click on it to install, it goes along to the end but then says "Installation failed" and it just says it encountered an error that caused the installation to fail and to contact the software manufacturer. 


Then, because the Home Screen  (where the "Launch meeting" appears) says "if having trouble with zoom client launch from browser".  I AM able to launch it and join a meeting from the browser, and seem able to do most things BUT  I am unable to use "gallery view". for the video.  Before there were three choices, "minimize" me, "show speaker" or "gallery view".  Now they are only two.  However, for my purposes I need Gallery view.  I can only think it's because I've launched it from the browser rather than Zoom Client.


Any suggestions on how to get the zoom client installed (or have it actually launch when I click on "Launch meeting" or to get gallery view when launching from the browser.