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internet connection crashes after few minutes of zoom meeting windows 10


I'm using a laptop ACER 5750G recently updated to Windows 10.  A few minutes or even only seconds after having started a Zoom-Meeting, the meeting interrupts and the internet connection (ethernet and wifi) does not work any more. I can use internet only after rebooting the laptop.

With Windows 7 I did not have this problem on my computer.

What I already tried: disinstall and reinstall Zoom latest version. Did make any difference.


Can you help me with this problem?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @dgdelrosario23 if your computer is completely disconnecting from Wifi rather than just Zoom specifically,  I don't believe this would be a Zoom issue. Suggest trying to Update Windows and updating your Zoom client.


A couple of questions though:

  • Does this happen randomly with other wifi-capable applications?
  • Does your computer randomly disconnect the wifi without Zoom open or starting Zoom meetings? If so, maybe look into this Microsoft Forum on Random Wifi Disconnects

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Hi, I have the same issue, this only occurs when a Zoom meeting is initiated otherwise the computer will run fine. I have even reset Windows 10 and the issue still persists.

A lot of user (including me) have this issue:

Only happens on Ethernet, only happens with zoom, i'm using an ethernet card part of a Lenovo hub in a thunderbolt port. Any idea?


Hi! I resolved by using wi-fi connection rather than LAN cable. I have no idea what's the real problem behind...