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how to share meeting link with alternate host when registration is required


Hello! I can't for the life of me figure out how to provide alternate hosts with the link to enter a zoom meeting when I have required registration.


I frequently create 3-hour meetings, with one alternate host presenting for the first 90 minutes, and a different alternate host presenting for the second 90 minutes. Before I required registration, I would simply copy the link from the meetings portion of the zoom website, and invite the alternate hosts to an outlook calendar invitation with the zoom link as a location.  Now that I require registration, there is no meeting link that I can share with the alternate hosts.


When I share the registration link, it tells them that "host cannot register." I can't seem to find how to let alternate hosts know how to access the meeting. Is there a meeting link I can share with the alternate hosts? Or is there some other way I should be letting them know how to access the meeting? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @mkmason...


Are these the same 2 people you're using as alternate hosts?  Are they trustworthy and involved enough in the business that you wouldn't mind everyone sharing access to each other's meeting schedules?


I'm thinking that using the Scheduling Privilege will help you out tremendously.  This will actually allow them to see your co-scheduled meeting on their Zoom client app with one click of the mouse:



Then they can also join the meeting directly from the Zoom client, and Scheduling Privileged users can also start your meetings and other things that Alt Hosts can do.  I've recommended Scheduling Privilege to a number of folks in this and similar situations, and they seem to like it,


Browsing through this Zoom Support article should be helpful: 


Basically go to Settings -> Meetings -> Other and enter the email address of the first "other party", and then the second one.


Otherwise, I'd have to deep-dive to see if there's an easy way to get them in as Alt Hosts without registering.  I've done a quick search, and nothing comes up.  

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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