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distortion and burnout of images on zoom calls


Is it possible to get an older version of Zoom. On my PC I am getting total distortion of my image with the images of others on the call coming in and the image progressively overexposes and burns out.  This happens on both cameras I have attached to the PC. Every time. It never happens with Teams call. So it must be a problem with the particular software download. Any suggestions please? it means that Zoom is useless on the PC. I have had to move to the iPad. 



I do not have a solution, sadly, but can report that I have been having the same problem in the past few weeks. It was only on Monday that I observed it happening to a fellow student in a Zoom class, so concluded it was probably not my equipment or settings. I get periodic distortion of my image on screen, mainly as a bar along the upper part of the image. I get the image turning almost all white (the other student was getting hers turn green). I am still using the laptop, because quite often it can go for an hour or more without these problems. Like you, I have to assume it is a Zoom software problem. My OS is MS Windows, which I believe is up to date.