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closed captioning


I attend a group telehealth meeting every week. There is a warning that Closed Captioning has been enabled by one user and a transcript of the entire meeting is available. When I questioned the moderator I was told that it is a bogus warning and not to pay attention to it. I have not given anyone permission (written or verbally) to record anything I say in the meeting. And I believe this is a HIPPA violation. Can someone please explain this situation for me. Am I actually being recorded? Thanks!



Hi dpapa106,

As far as I understand, Closed Captions does not automatically mean the transcript will be available after the meeting. I believe, that during the meeting, participants can view the live transcript on a side panel, but once the meeting ends, they will no longer have access. A transcript is only generated afterwards for recorded meetings. If you want to read more about transcripts and closed captioning you can read about it on their support page: