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be able to continue to participate in Zoom meetings


I have for many years been able to join zoomed meetings.  Then a little box showed up asking me to update to the next version.  when i clicked yes it then  said it couldn't do it and cited Error 10008.  yesterday it did all that again and wouldn't connect me to the meeting.  i have been all over  the profile page, followed the instructions from the machine chat who then said i didn't have enough money for a human chat.  i cannot find an update here button anywhere.  i have never  initiated any meetings so i don't know when i signed up for an account. the website recognizes my email address for an id and has the other numbers for an account but then the telephone machine said it didn't recognize my account.

help  at this point i cannot use zoom at all and surely that's not what the company has in mind!



Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner


Try to uninstall and reinstall. This article will explain in details what you need to do:


Zoom error code 10008 – Zoom Support



i followed your detailed answer, thank you but when i went to finally download which it did and then intall I was stopped by the announcement that there was an Error. and to consult the App.??? what now MAC OS Ventura 13.3.1