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Zoom widow disappears after 40 minutes


I have a private student who studies with me on Zoom. Just in the past couple of months he regularly loses his zoom window after 40 minutes. We have to stop the lesson while he searches for it. How can I help him with this? I have a pro account and teach large classes where none of the students have this problem, so as far as I can tell, it is definitely not an issue with my zoom meeting.

Thanks for any help you can offer. 



Hi @Geomend 


Is your student able to re-connect to the same meeting straight away?


Are you always the Host in all cases?

Thanks for asking Rupert! He has to search his computer for it (he's still online but can't see the zoom window. I asked him if he had the zoom icon visible, which he seems to have trouble finding (If I was there I could better help him with that). But I realize this shouldn't be happening at all during his session. I'm wondering if he has some setting that he could change.

Oh I see. So he doesn't lose his connection with you - he just loses visibility of the Zoom window - but the meeting itself remains connected? You can still hear each other, and you can see him?


Is that correct?


PS Yes I am the host.