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Zoom webinars Camera assitant


Hello everyone, I currently have a license with zoom and I want to do live seminars, but I want to activate the camera of all my attendees. Since the Zoom settings don't allow me to do this, do I have to request a special permission? Or is it definitely not possible? I appreciate your help!!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Zoom webinars are designed to have a large public audience only to listen to and view your event, talks, lectures, etc. So, there are some restrictions on attendee activities, including not turning on their cameras or unmuting by themselves, although they can send reactions or participate in Q&A. You can refer to this article: Meetings and webinars comparison – Zoom Support, which gives clear information on that. 


If you want your audience to turn on their cameras during the event, I suggest using Zoom meetings. Rather than purchasing a license for Zoom webinars in this case, you can purchase a paid subscription for more meeting capacity if you have more than 100 people to join. You can control which interactions participants can have in the settings, like disabling private chat between participants, if you need.