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Zoom sound and video adjustments I'd like to be able to make


Regarding audio: I have been using Original Sound when I have Zoom meetings. I don't hear high frequencies so well, and have found most Zoom audio to be muffled sounding. I believe that this setting applies to my outbound sound only; it affects how others hear me. Correct? So I want them to have the best chance of understanding me properly. Lately however, when doing a microphone test with Original Sound enabled, I'm getting harsh distortion/clipping on the sibilants, which is surprising; I'm about 18" from the webcam/microphone. Enabling high-fidelity music mode doesn't change it. But disabling original sound does. But I feel it does too much – it makes me sound muffled again. 

I have gone through a variety of speakers also, to increase the intelligibility for me. It's not a terrible situation, but why not have some kind of EQ available for incoming audio? Some people use their phone earbuds for meetings, or the terrible microphones in many laptops, phones, webcams, and these to me sound awful. I would really like to be able to adjust the equalization on the sound I'm hearing, to optimize it for voice frequencies. 


Finally, regarding video... I have a new webcam which perhaps was a mistake; it's extremely wide-angle, and shows my whole office, which is entirely unnecessary. I may just replace the device, but it would be nice if there were some field of view adjustment (or zoom feature in Zoom!) to compensate for such things, so I would appear roughly the same size as other participants in the meeting who have a tighter field of view. 

Any and all recommendations gladly appreciated.