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Zoom mic of host not working after update on samsung tab S7 FE (android 13 One UI 5.0)


Hi, the tablet mic cannot work in Zoom after the latest soware update on the 30th dec (android 13, One UI version 5.0)
the mic can pick up sound, but the moment the guest comes is admitted to the Zoom meeting, my mic is not able to work and the other party cannot hear me at all.
i used my other samsung tablet (tab s6), no problem at all.

my mic is working, and i have turned on the mic and given the Zoom app all the permission.
I believe the update created a conflict that make it not possible for the mic to work when the other person is admitted into the zoom meeting room.


i would like a solution and wonder if anyone else is facing a similar problem.
thank you



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Eric88, suggest looking into the troubleshooting suggestions from our KB on Troubleshooting speaker or microphone issues on your mobile device. If none of the suggestions help, I would also suggest uninstalling and reinstalling your Zoom app. 


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