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Zoom meetings not showing up in Upcoming/Previous meeting Tabs on web browser


I have an issue where myself and other users are not able to see any upcoming meetings (not made/hosted by that user) in the upcoming meetings tab or the previous meetings tab online. It is hard to find an answer online as most answers point to seeing meetings in a tab on the Desktop app which I can. I had a meeting earlier today and yet it doesn't show up under my previous meetings tab (online through the web browser). I do have Outlook (the calendar I use) set up to work with Zoom and when scheduling a Zoom meeting through Outlook, it will show up in the meetings tab on the desktop application but still not showing under the meetings tab in Upcoming/Previous on the web browser. Looking for a fix with the web browser. Has any other user experienced this. A lot of users at my company would like to visit their profile at to be able to do stuff with it but without them able to see any upcoming meetings on the website, they rarely use it. They can obviously check their Outlook calendar and see all the upcoming/previous meetings. I have tried updating and signing off/on to the Zoom website to no help what so ever. Again it works to see schedule meetings from Outlook through the Zoom desktop application, but it is not working under the meetings tab of the Zoom website. Thanks


Community Champion

@MisterOates If you are not the host or have scheduling privileges for that host of those meetings, you will not be able to see them from the web portal. 

The calendar integration you are using is solely to view those upcoming meetings listed on your calendar in the Desktop client. These do not push visibility to the web portal. 

We would love to hear your feedback on this over at 

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Oh ok. So even though they can see all upcoming scheduled meetings in Outlook calendar (scheduled from Zoom), they won't necessarily see them in the Zoom Web Browser unless they themselves are the hosts and have scheduled the meeting or have scheduling privileges? Does that change if they are added as alternative hosts for that scheduled meeting? They have some meetings were they are the alternative host of that meeting and are still unable to see any upcoming meetings under the meetings tab online.


If it was a previous meeting, should they see those online under the "previous" tab or do the same rules apply where they need to be a host or have privileges? 

Most people here schedule meetings through the Zoom desktop app and then send the invites out with Outlook, so that itself doesn't change the fact that they won't be able to see any upcoming meetings in the meetings tab on the Zoom website? 


Basically they should just continue to use Outlook calendar or have notifications from Outlook for any upcoming Zoom meetings they might have? Lastly, when would the calendar on the Zoom desktop app populate with an upcoming meeting? The day the meeting is happening? 


Thanks and sorry for all the questions. Just wanna see if I'm getting everything correctly. 

This is not limited to the web browser for me - I can no longer see upcoming meetings in the home page of the app either.  This is quite frustrating as I find the only way to launch my own meetings is to type in the code from my own calendar.   Previously, even meetings I was invited to showed up here and this was extremely helpful.  

I am the Host and on the zoom website it shows no Upcoming Meetings, even though I have one scheduled for tonight, that I scheduled 3 weeks ago.  I am concerned I wont be able to start the meeting!  Yikes...



I too am having this issue.  Mr Oates I am the host and still unable see  upcoming  meetings from the web page.


I, too, am the host and all of the meetings that previously appeared are gone.


I have the same problem. I can't see  my booked meetings anywhere (I am the host) in Outlook, which I could before. Right now I have a recurring meeting I want to delete, but as I can't access it, I can't delete it. Please help!



I am having this problem now!


Hopefully Zoom are getting onto this as it is becoming a rather annoying bug to put up with daily. I input the meetings for a group of my peers using their individual accounts and even they, as the creator of the sessions, are not able to see the meetings either in the web version or the desktop.

It isn't specific to one and they are not all the same. We all use Outlook and the sync definitely helps finding the meetings in a pinch but for anyone who is having this issue and is not so lucky to be using Outlook Calendar, I can only imagine the extra frustration this causes.


This is posing quite a problem for my ministry zooms!  I am unable to see neither scheduled nor previous meetings.  It shows that I have none.  When I am able to log in, I do not show to be the host and am unable to show videos that accompany our lessons.



I'm a Mac user and I, too, am having the same issues as everyone else here.  Sometimes my meetings are posted on my account and other times they are completely missing.  Mostly they are missing.  I only schedule via the app.  I don't schedule on my Google Calendar.  


I am not sure I am using this correctly, but did anyone have an answer when you are the Host but on the zoom website it does not show Upcoming Meetings- even though it was scheduled a few weeks ago.


Mr. Oates, as you can see from the messages here there are a number of people experiencing this. I am the host of all of our meetings and for some reason, I now have some meetings not showing and can only see them if I type in the meeting ID. This started recently.