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Zoom meeting scheduled using phone app not showing up in my meetings when I use my computer


I'm hoping someone can help with this.  I scheduled a recurring meeting using my the app on my phone (iPhone).  That meeting is not listed when I go to my computer and pull up my zoom account.  That said, if I type in the meeting ID, I can join the meeting, so it's definitely in the zoom system (and it still shows up on my phone).  Does anyone know how I can get it to show up in my list of meetings when I'm on my computer?  


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Please check to ensure that you are signed-in to the same account on both devices. An easy way to check is comparing the Personal Meeting ID on the mobile app (Tap the Meetings option and your PMI will be listed at the top) with the Personal Meeting ID on the web portal (listed on your Profile page). If they are different numbers, that means you are logged-in to different accounts. 

Has there been a solution as it's odd I cannot find the meeting listed on  the desktop but only on our phones when we create a zoom meeting from the phone. We did check that the Personal ID is the same but cant find the meeting on our desktop or laptop


I'm having the same problem and I checked to make sure they are the same account  - they are. Did you ever find out why this is happening?

Hello!  Mine was showing up at the very bottom of my long list of meetings.  I'm not sure why it shows up differently than other meetings I thought I'd scheduled in the same way, but it likely was there all the time, and I just didn't know to look at the very end of all my appointments.  Good luck!

thank you, it works for me


Same issue here. Zoom meetings created on the iPhone app do not show on the website. Both accounts are the same.  Hope Zoom is looking at this issue


Recurring meetings show on iphone but not on PC. I am experiencing the same problem. 



Has any one found a solution to this? 


Also, on my Mac laptop when I create a meeting it does not create an entry in my iCalendar


On the computer, go to the very end of your upcoming meetings (the very last page), and there you will find the meeting that is appearing on the app's list and not the computer's list. It probably happened because the time wasn't FIXED (that was my problem). Click on the meeting to view its details and options. There you can make necessary adjustments.

I hope this helps!

Thank you!  This worked for me!


I checked mine and it really is at the end. I edited the meeting to maintain the link and passcode, then it showed up just like the others. It is not showing as recurring time is labelled as "Not Fixed Time".
Anyways, your reply helped a lot.


Thanks!  This worked for me!