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Zoom meeting invitations


I am scheduling my zoom meetings the same way as always, inputting the email address for clients, but no one is receiving invitation. I am using MAC computers. 


Anyone have any clues how to address this? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @lw3 interesting! Do you mind me asking, from where did you schedule your meetings? Zoom desktop client or Zoom web portal?

Have the clients read the Knowledge Base article titled "Not receiving emails from Zoom?" If not, advise them to do so in order to determine whether or not they are receiving your emails.


I just tested this with my personal Zoom account and was able to enter my personal email from the Client and Web portal and receive both test invites.


Host view inviting the personal account from the attendees field:

Host view of scheduled meetings

Personal email inbox, did not have to check spam, saw invite email from gmail --> All Mail

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 2.38.28 PM.png


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I have the same problem.  Desktop app. Invite email addresses are shown but no emails are received. It just shows up in my calendar and no on elses.

The clients show in my desktop with their emails but they are not receiving emails. 

I am scheduling from desktop. But noone is receiving notifications. 


I put a ticket in 5 days ago about the zoom invite issue, and I've gotten no solution from support. I'm setting up meetings the same way as always, but none of my clients are getting the emails. I tried another way by first setting up the meeting, then copying the invite link and then sending a separate email outside of zoom using gmail, and my client received the link.