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Zoom integration for reconciliating meeting recordings


Hi there,


I am trying to integrate Zoom recordings from user meeting with my application using webhooks. Once the meeting gets over , Zoom would send notification over webhooks for completed recordings. Given the fact that Zoom might be unreachable at times , we re trying to reconciliate the data from time to time through a scheduler job for user accounts . For this we would need to invoke Master API to fetch the subaccount level information and recordings of meetings. What we are trying to understand , can this requirement be accomplished using a Zoom market place app leveraging Oauth 2?

We already have a marketplace app (not published yet) for configuring the recording.completion webhook.

Please advice how would the scheduler job be able to make Account level API calls for subaccounts using client ID and client secret.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

You should ask this question in the DevForum, where your question can be answered by experts with more experience in development issues.