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Zoom ignores Logitech / LogiTune camera settings


I recently upgraded to a new Macbook Pro with Monterey, and since then Zoom has been giving me problems with the webcam I use for my home office.


I use a Logitech c922 camera with the LogiTune software to crop the camera to focus only on a part of my home office background. However, every time Zoom grabs camera access (including starting a meeting, turning the camera on and off, or even going into video preferences), it treats it as if I am using the default camera settings, ignoring the LogiTune setup.


I can restore the settings by going back to the LogiTune setup process (at which point Zoom recognizes the settings I put in beforehand), but I don't want to be showing my full background for the first 10-15 seconds of each meeting I have.


This is also *only* a Zoom problem -- all other applications that use the camera accept the LogiTune settings without issue. This is also an issue with alternate Logitech software (G Hub) that again works with all other programs.


This issue might be related to another unsolved problem with Logitech cameras not working in HD on new Macs ( since the solutions seem to be similar.


But has anyone found settings in Zoom that can be changed to fix this issue, or any other workaround?




Looks like it worked the test will be tomorrow when things start fresh on my laptop. Having this issue on ONE laptop, not the other, despite them be identical machines and builds. So, I must have a setting different in zoom hoping this is it. Very frustrating.


Sharing that this continues to be an issue for me. Welcome learning if there is now a fix outside of these less-than-ideal workarounds.


I gave up. I got a new computer and didn' t bother installing LogiTune. That means that I just accept the non-zoomed in view of my MacBook's camera.


I've been experimenting lately with OBS Studio to create a virtual camera and can zoom in on that a bit. The setup is a bit more to do, but may be worthwhile

Agreed.  I uninstalled LogiTune and setup OBS so have multiple ways to present both myself, and my content.  I look better now than most.


Although this thread may be somewhat dated, I thought it might still be useful to contribute. I encountered a similar problem with my Logitech Brio 500 webcam. Whenever I launched Zoom, the camera would automatically zoom in, disregarding any custom settings I had configured through the Logitech G Hub software.


Here is how I resolved this issue:

1. Open the Zoom desktop app (I use a Mac)

2. Select in the top left hand corner

3. Select "Settings"

4. Select "Video" tab

5. Under the "Camera" section, make sure the camera you're having with is displayed within the dropdown menu

6. Check the "HD" box

That's it! You can close the settings window (you don't have to save). 

View screenshot of the settings I input which are outlined above


While I can't guarantee this solution will work for everyone, it was effective for me. Below, I've included the specifications of my hardware and software for reference. Hope it helps! 🙂


Device: Macbook Pro 

OS: Sonoma 14.4

Camera: Logitech Brio 500

Brio firmware: 1.0.312

Logitech G HUB version: 2024.1.515200