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Zoom freezing/disconnecting


Zoom has been brilliant for the past18 months but the last month i have problems with me ( host) freezing and then loosing connectivity yet my class ( I teach Pilates) can all still each other and chat/do the exercises and have to wait for me to reconnect. Is this a Zoom issue or my Wifi connection? What is strange is that whilst i am trying to reconnect, i am able to Whatsapp our group chat which makes me think it cannot be WiFi! 

Has anyone else had this issue? I’m using an IPad Pro if that makes any difference 🤔



Hello Sharon, 

If you are the only one experiencing the issue most likely there is something happening with your connection to your Zoom session.  This can be WiFi, your Internet Service etc., your other applications such as WhatsApp will work with less than optimal connectivity as they are not as sensitive to connection drops/disruptions as your live streaming session with Zoom.

You can try some basic troubleshooting steps:

1. Does Zoom let you know your connection is unstable with a pop-up message?

2. Test you network speeds using a simple speed test app or from your browser (it will not be 100 % accurate but will give you a fair idea of you internet upload/download connection)

3. Is your WiFi network being shared, and is there increased usage by others when the disconnect occurs

4. If you have not already done so, reset your Internet router/modem and/or WiFi devices

5. When it next occurs send a support email to Zoom with the meeting ID, they can look a the session and give you a better idea of what's going during your Zoom session. They will be able to identify your device and see how it's performing during your Zoom meeting.


Regards: ZoomBulla

Thanks for your help

1. Yes it says disconnected or reconnecting, I think the latter

2. Will try this as know what it should be

3. No, no increase usage

4. Have done this

5. Will do this next time


Many thanks for your advice, much appreciated 😊