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Zoom fails for *ONE* meeting, not others


I have two meetings I join regularly. Each is setup in my browser as a bookmark including a coded password so I can join the meetings with a simple click. The browser invokes the Zoom application and the meetings should start. But only one of them starts properly.

Meeting A shows a video preview before I join, the starts with video and audio enabled and everything works as expected. Meeting B did that until about two weeks ago. Now meeting B does not show a video preview, only a black box. When started, both audio and video are disabled and cannot be enabled. I can see and hear others but all they see for me is a blank box.

When I try to unmute, I get a message, "The host is not allowing participates to unmute themselves." But the host has not done that. If he tries to manually unmute me, I get a popup asking for my agreement, but when I agree, nothing happens. If I try to enable video, there is no response.

Since this works properly for meeting A, I presume there is something unique about meeting B, not something wrong with my installation, but I can't guess what that could be. Meeting B works properly for all other participants. Can anyone suggest what could be wrong?

My system is running Fedora Linux 39, fully updated, and Zoom 5.17.5. I've also tried downgrading to Zoom 5.17.1 without any change in behavior. Starting directly from the Zoom app instead of using a browser link doesn't change anything. I've also tried running with both X11 and Wayland environments.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

"The host is not allowing participates to unmute themselves." This comes from a security setting that can be set at anytime after the session has started by either the Host or any co-host. It is not related to any settings on your side. If participants have already unmuted before the setting is changed they are not locked out until they or the host mutes their mic. There is also a security setting to stop participants from turning on their camera. It too works the same way. By default these settings are checked (meaning participants can unmute and start video) when the session starts. So it sounds like a co-host or the host changed the setting before you tried to unmute.

Thanks, storyhub, for your comments. I think I do understand how those features work. But in this case, note that all other participants are not blocked. I have asked all of them individually and collectively and none has acknowledged any deliberate blocking. And when the host has tried to explicitly unblock me, it doesn't work.


New information. This effect only occurs when connecting from a specific laptop. I have another laptop with, so far as I know, precisely the same OS and Zoom version where the problem does not happen. That tells me the problem must be at my end and seems to directly contradict your comment, "It is not related to any settings on your side." My settings are the same for this session (B) as for session (A) which does not exhibit the problem. And Zoom was deleted and reinstalled so any setting that is the culprit must have survived that action.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Nothing on your end controls the property of you not being able to unmute. That is controlled by the host or co-host. One computer working while another does not work, can still happen if the host or co-host unchecks that security item at the wrong time. Next time ask the host to check the security setting just before you try to unmute.

Thank you, storyhub, but not tonight. I'm exhausted.