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Zoom disconnects when I use my softphone


if I am on a zoom meeting, and I try to place an outbound call using my Bria Enterprise softphone, zoom immediately disconnects my meeting.

Has anyone else experienced this, or possibly have a workaround?



My Alcatel Softphone does the same thing.  Use the softphone or answer a call then zoom meeting always attempts to disconnect.  Why is that?  I have not figured out why/

Your softphone and zoom are both competing for “call control” on the computer.  Think of it like  having 2 phones and one line - when you try to start using the second phone, it says “end call! Someone wants to use the line!”


Thanks for taking the time to reply sholinaty.  Figured it was something like that.  Be nice to get zoom to stop it though.  I only use zoom for screen sharing a wallboard to my team with no audio or calls. I use teams for meetings for calls & video and it behaves OK.  Cheers