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Zoom cuts out/restarts in middle of meetings


Hi, for the past few months my Zoom will intermittently cut out in the middle of the meeting. On my end, I experience this as approximately 15-30 seconds of my Zoom disappearing from my screen and rebooting and returning me to the meeting space. On the other end, other participants experience this as my screen freezing.

I am fairly certain that this is specific to my Mac desktop as this does not happen when I participate via my iPhone. 

I am also fairly certain that this is not related to my internet connection as other apps are connected to the internet while it happens.

I thought that it may be related to my hard drive, however I recently had to erase and reinstall my hard drive.

Solutions appreciated.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @RandyJ! That's definitely not the experience we want you to have, but let's figure out what's going on. Are both your Mac and Zoom software versions up-to-date? 

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Hi Bri,

   I am having 'interruption" issues as well that occur many times during my 1 hour meeting.  It is more than annoying. How and where do I check to see if I have the most current  versions of Zoom?  Thank you. 


I have the same problem on Zoom: while screen sharing (after approx. 10 minutes or so) zoom restarts itself and then the screen sharing stops so I have to start it again. During session this happens only once. After that one restart, zoom works fine. It is even more odd because my zoom app was working perfectly fine and this started happening some month ago. I have Windows 10, Lenovo laptop and steady internet connection. I reinstalled zoom app twice already (so it is up to date), turned off some hardware accelerations on video settings (that I found people recommended), recently updated Windows and nothing of this helped.

What could be the cause of this problem? Any help much appreciated.

Thanks you.


Now we are experiencing the same with one of our Windows PC. Please post the resolution for this issue...

Bri are you able to help any of us in this conversation thread? 



I am having this problem .. Have been for some time .. Why are there no answers to why this is happening.  My issue is on a Windows PC, I have reinstalled the  ZOOM Client, I have the most upto date releases installed .


this 'cut in cut out', could happen at least 5 x a sessions 

what next ???





I'm having the same problem on my Windows 11 PC. Zoom abends and restarts multiple times during sessions. What should I do?