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Zoom bombing


Is there a feature to "Freeze" a meeting?


As a public meeting organizer, we have implemented many of the security features, and implemented protocols in the event a potential zoom bombing. However, once in a while, we get multiple zoom bombers and chaos. It is difficult to try to remove one person quickly as windows are changing, and then being asked if we want to report, finally getting them out, and then going to find the next bomber. 


If there is not a feature to allow the host to freeze the meeting, it needs to be added!



Yes. I call it the "nuclear option." At the bottom of the Security menu (only hosts and co-hosts have the Security button) there is a menu option in red, "Suspend Participant Activities." I have had to employ this once. It checks all of the top three options, and UN-checks all of the ones below the separator. If you use this it does not close the meeting, but no longer allows anyone to be heard, or seen, and they cannot use animated GIFs (video clips) as a virtual background or a profile image. Assuming any zoom bombers will leave the meeting when this is done, you can begin to selectively restore permissions. First, unmute yourself and explain what happened. Then begin to check the lower permissions on that menu, one at a time, and UN-check the upper ones. Soon your meeting will be back on track.


With all the bombers, it might be helpful to be able to change your name if you are joining with a phone and using the dial in info.   also ability to chat  - somehow.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



As was previously mentioned  there is a "Suspend Participant Activity" option in the security button.


    • Turn off all participant's video, audio, Zoom Apps, and ability to share their screen. Also lock the meeting to prevent participants from joining. This will apply to all participants, including those joined using a Zoom Room.

*Note: These options do not affect participants' ability to control their audio and video while currently in break out rooms. Only participants in the main session are affected. 


Screen Shot 2023-09-22 at 8.38.31 AM.png

This Zoom support article goes into more detail; 




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