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Zoom automatic paused screen sharing.


Zoom automatic paused screen sharing when I shared YouTube and made it full screen.  And I can not turn it off.  But sharing was continue when I restore YouTube.  Why?



I have encountered the same problem recently. I didn't have this problem before. Did you manage to find a solution? Can anyone in the forum help? 


I have the same  problem.  Going to report it to Zoom support

Would you be able to share their responses here as mine is a free account and don’t have access to submit web tickets or chat with live agent. 🙏🏻


Same happening here - with a paid account. 

As soon as I click share, zoom minimizes (as before), the sharing toolbar shows up (as before). However the controls are orange, and says "Your screen sharing is paused". When I click the Resume Share button, the shared app's title bar flashes once, and I am back to screen sharing is paused.

I have same problem


Yes! And no matter how many times I clicked the green "Resume Share" button it did not work. You would think with ca $4.48 billion in profit annually that they would have a "cleaner" more "well-maintained platform to work on.  The irony is that my Zoom "history" cache couldn't have been that full, since I had just downloaded an upgrade. 


My problem manifested itself when trying to share video using Safari as the browser on Mac.  The share screen paused when I tried to maximise the video.  I took the following steps suggested by Zoom support, who were very helpful:

1.   Download latest Zoom version

2.  Clear cache for Zoom sites

3.  In Settings>Privacy>Accessibility enable Zoom

4.  Reboot


This worked for me - I hope it works for you also!

tq. it solved my problem.

Thank you so very much! Your step 3 worked for me... finally!!! 🙏

I had exactly this problem and your technique worked for me too - thanks so much.

This solved my problem on Mac thank you so much 

Number 3 worked for me - just a quick note: It's "system settings">privacy>accessibility

Thanks, Jenny! That helps a lot. I will try the same, before doing another live SHARE. Zoom has its glitches, let me tell ya! Makes you wonder if gremlins are in the system. Lol!

Thank you so much! At Lenovo there was no problem and I couldn't solve it on Mac by myself. Now it works. Not only with YouTube but with WordWall as well. Many thx!


JennyL and others,


I am having the same problem and have taken all the steps you listed.  It is still not working for me.

I am on Mac Catalina OS 10.15.6 and have the latest version of zoom.  

I am unable to contact zoom for tech support.  I'm even willing to pay for a support call but my account does not allow for live support and I can't even find a place where I could request the live support (and pay extra for it).

Does anyone have any other suggestions?



I often share video from the internet and until recently it went fine, but now full screen causes the screen share to "pause" and it cannot be UNPAUSED.  I see that this is a common NEW problem.  A friend was told by zoom to uninstall and reinstall, but, UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.  


I’m so frustrated by this, I’ve tried everything and with each update I hope the Zoom has fixed it but unfortunately the problem continues.


Zoom is known to automatically pause screen sharing when you share YouTube and make it full screen. You can try disabling the "Pause screen sharing when guests join the meeting" setting in Zoom's settings, updating your Zoom client, or restarting your computer. If the problem persists, contact Zoom support for help. This issue is free to fix.



When you switch a specific application to full-screen mode, some video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, can automatically stop screen sharing to focus on the full-screen application. This is done to provide a better experience to the participants and prevent potential distractions.

However, when you restore YouTube from full-screen mode, screen sharing resumes because Zoom recognizes that you're back on the shared application.

If you want to maintain continuous screen sharing using full-screen mode, you'll want to explore Zoom's settings.
Keep in mind that different platforms and versions of Zoom may have different behavior and options, so it's always recommended to check for the latest updates and consult support channels for the most accurate information.