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Zoom Video Freezing on Teams NUC


We are running Teams in Intel NUCs with third party conferencing enabled. This works fine for Webex however when running a Zoom meeting the Video just freezes completely for all participants. Tried looking on the Microsoft sites but no luck in finding a resolution. 

Anyone else seen/resolved this?




A poor internet connection can cause lagging and crashing issues on Zoom and many other apps. If you're using Wi-Fi, make sure your device isn't too far away from the router and your network isn't congested.


Thank you, I managed to find the answer on another forum.

Zoom will freeze instantly when it is being run via Direct Guest Join (DGJ) in a Teams room. The challenge is related to resolution. Please see below.

  1. On your Teams Room, switch to admin mode
  2. Select the start icon. Then Settings > System > Display
  3. Go to Scale and layout, then Change the size of text, apps, and other items, and set the scaling to 100%.
  4. Set the display resolution to 1080p. If you have dual monitors, set the scale and resolution for both screens.

In short term you are changing the display resolution on the NUC to 1080P for any external displays.


Microsoft Teams Rooms maintenance and operations - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn