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Zoom Room sceduleing.


When I use the scheduling controller. I simply create a meeting and I can invite others. Boom done, and when the meeting time is ready to start, I just hit start meeting on the controller. So easy. But you can only do that when scheduling for the day, you can't schedule for days in the future. 

When I use the O365 calendar that I integrated. It won't start a meeting. I can't even find a default meeting ID. I found where the ID should be according to some Zoom documentation, but it's not in the ZoomRoom settings on my account for the room. 

I could be happy if I could just schedule a meeting like I can do with my personal meeting. I must be missing something, but I don't understand why this is so difficult. 

I should be able to have the meeting ID and passcode. Schedule the meeting on the O365 calendar room resource I have connected where I can also invite attendees, and then the meeting will show up on the scheduling and room controller.