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Zoom Mulit Channels - Records




I am doing some research so I am trying to find a service to integrate to my website. Ideally I would like  be to able to create more than one room (more than 10)  at the same time and be able to force the recording. I need a space where my clients can interact between them ( a video call 1 vs 1 ), as I am not going to be in the call I need to be schedule and recorded.


Does zoom provide this type of service? 




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

To schedule 10 or more concurrent meetings against a single user you would need to have a Concurrent Pro add on license.  This it only available on Business or Enterprise accounts today.  Concurrent Pro allows up to 20 concurrent meetings for the same host where you can use Alternate Hosts or Join Before Host settings and enable auto cloud recording.  Please reach out to your Sales Account Executive for more details.