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Zoom Meetings cut in and out


For the past few months my Zoom will intermittently cut out in the middle of the meeting. On my end, I experience this as approximately 15-30 seconds of my Zoom disappearing from my screen and rebooting and returning me to the meeting space. On the other end, other participants experience this as my screen freezing.


My issue is on a Windows PC, I have reinstalled the  ZOOM Client, I have the most upto date releases installed .


This 'cut in cut out', could happen at least 5 x a meeting.  I am using Zoom for Virtual Fitness Classes, so this is very annoying for both clients and myself  


I have an ethernet cable connected to my PC, Connected to the FAST broadband (800Mbps Download 30Mpbps upload).. 



What next ???




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi sterling,

the intermittent cut out could be caused by a number of factors such as:

1.  problems with your pc.  you pc may not have enough horsepower to support zoom meetings and other applications running at the same time.  you can see what percentages of cpu and memory are being used.  press ctrl+alt+delete at the same time, click task manager.  review cpu and memory utilization.  more than 50% utilization may require that you exit some applications while running zoom.  if you do not have enough memory, exiting some applications may help or add some more memory.  please see zoom meeting minimum requirements.

Zoom system requirements: Windows, macOS, Linux – Zoom Support

2.  problems with your internet. 

you can test the actual speed you are getting with   how does actual compare with 800/30?


your isp may have intermittant network issues.  while in zoom meetings, click on green checkmark in upper left, click on settings gear, select statistics. 

overall tab shows zoom cpu usage and overall cpu usage, memory usage overall and for zoom. 

audio tab shows packet loss (should be zero), latency and jitter. 

video tab also shows packet loss, latency, and jitter.  in addition it shows resolution and frames per second.   


if you see any packet loss, call your isp and request that they fix the packet loss.


it took me 10 tries to get my cable company to replace the coax cable from my house to the street.  that fixed my similar issues.