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Zoom Meeting with Registration - Alternative Hosts



I have set up some Zoom sessions with registration. I have three co-hosts, as it is a series of events and we are all involved. However, I am the only one who can see the list of participants who have registered. Is there a way all alternative hosts can access this register?


Also, is there a way to convert the details from that register into an Excel document, for instance, so that we have all the data?




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @shauna3, I am sorry I missed your question and didn't get back to you sooner! There is a great post Can alternative hosts pull meeting reports? that touches on this topic. Basically, Alternative Host permissions do not include reporting. However, if you are an admin on the same account, then you can access it that way.


I hope this was helpful!

Zoom Community Team

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