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Zoom Desktop Icon Keeps Reappearing After Deletion


So like the title states, I've got Zoom installed on my work laptop, but I keep my desktop as icon-free as possible.  Every time I delete the Zoom icon however, it's inevitably back on my desktop within a day or two.

I've tried everything I can think of.  There's no setting within Zoom I can find to stop auto updates, Zoom isn't a startup app, it's not an icon on the Public or Default desktops, and my laptop isn't being affected by any GPO that would cause icons to reappear.

It's not the most critical issue because I can just delete the icon again, but it is incredibly frustrating seeing it again when I login the day after deleting it..

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



I don't have a solution either.  I have the same problem, I think it is due to the zoom x64 installer running at startup every time I boot.  I have not found a way to fix the installation running every time I start up my computer.  


I arrived just to post the same exact issue.  Zoom is reinstalling itself every startup, resulting in the desktop icon being restored and Zoom delaying the use of their software and my computer.