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Zoom Calls Lag / Freezing


Hello, my company has been experiencing an odd issue for months that seemed to have come out of nowhere.  During Zoom Meetings some of our users will experience lag / freezing / delays when interacting with their systems during a zoom call e.g. (opening an email , web site link , document , etc ) when doing those actions Zoom will freeze for 5 to 10 seconds before stabilizing again.  


All of our systems use the same ((Windows 10)) OS deployment image, we have looked at every area we can think of within that image and have done a number of things removing our security agents, event trackers , etc which has helped some of the test group but not others. There does not seem to be a common theme here that we are able to find regarding the issue. 


We are not behind VPNs, nor using any special networking that is getting in the way of the zoom call.  All of our locations have ample bandwidth to support video / audio for Zoom on top of other services for our end users.  All of our Zoom clients are using the latest versions as well. 


I am at a loss here and just looking to see if anyone else out in the community is experiencing similar issues and if you may have found the  root cause. 


Community Champion

I would suggest looking at CPU usage.  High CPU usage during a meeting could cause adverse effects.  Meeting statistics such are available on the client and in the Dashboard for Business, Education, and API Plan accounts.


Yeah the CPU usage is high at times from what we have seen however there is no correlation there unfortunately.  We have older systems that are pegged at near 100% but the video / audio feed is flawless then other systems that are much newer and the resources are barely used at all that are getting constant lag in video and audio. 


Very odd situation.