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Zoom Call Quality Poor on Microsoft MTR


We are using Yealink MVC840 with Microsoft Teams Firmware. When we make and receive Zoom calls through the device the call & video quality is extremal poor. However when we have MS Teams Meetings using the same device the call quality is excellent.


We have check the network for any issues and none found. opened up the firewall for all traffic for the device IP still did not improve.


Any suggestions or anyone here experienced a similar issue using Microsoft MTR? Appreciate your help and advice



We are having the exact same problem.  What is going on Zoom?  Not a good testimony for your product if it takes MORE to connect than Teams?

Matt - Are you using the same YealinkMVC840 hardware or something else? Just want to confirm if this is hardware related


No, this is a Logitech Tap system. Definitely, not a device issue

Thank you! Wondering if anyone here using Android for Teams and have the same issue

i mean , this is a Problem on a Windows MTR , the Yealink Android Version has a BYOD Mode for using Zoom over Android or you use the ZOOM Rooms device


Hallo , we have 10 MVC840 on different locations , and all this have the same Problem 

The Systems are uptodate over YMCS updated and with the newest WIn10 Release .


I´m happy if you have a result and give us feedback for This issue



The following workaround provided by M Aguilar on the Microsoft forum worked like a charm for us, 


Log into the MTR

-> connect a keyboard and press "windows" key 5 times, enter Admin credentials (sfb)

-> go to display settings

-> select the external display, set resolution to 1080p (1920x1080)

-> go to advance settings, set refresh rate to 60Hz