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ZOOM meetings are often terminated andall of a sudden and are difficult to be set up again as a host



ZOOM Version: 5.15.0 (19644)...
since a few days the ZOOM meetings I host are frequently terminated. Today alone, 6/22/2023, this happened about 6-7 times, often at prominent points:
Right at the beginning of a session, then right at the end of it after about 45 minutes. Then during a silence in the middle of a session, then 2x in a break between two sessions and finally again at the end of a 90-minute session.
Previously (i.e. 2-3 weeks ago) I thought it might be due to the Telekom router in our Bonn, Germany,  mindfulness practice center, but it only ever happens during ZOOM sessions. We have 250 MB and the router is now replaced and brand new.

The participants stay inside the meeting while this is happening.
It really seems like something / someone is interrupting / terminating our sessions. It also takes a long time for me to get back in after that. I always had to restart the Mac and enter passwords and numeric codes at ZOOM, which is never the case as a subscriber.What can I do to make these glitches stop, as I am a course host?
Please send me a reply as soon as possible.
Yesche Udo Regel

When entering once I was shown this remark and question (see screenshot attached), although I am always using the same MacBook Pro.