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Would be nice to connect only to the chat part of a zoom call


During Covid, we had many large presentations where people were very active with the 'Chat Message' and it was very engaging for people. Now that people are mostly back in the office, when we have these large meetings where everyone is watching the same screen with the zoom call, some people will also connect to the zoom call within the room just so they can chat during the presentation. We've lost a lot of that engagement that people had and the fun messages that they would sometime write.


It would be amazing if people could join a zoom call without the video/audio part and just access the chat portion of the call from their computers while still watching the main presentation on the main screen.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Actually, Zoom does have it since version 5.14.0. It is called Continuous Chat Meeting and it is accessible before, during and after the meeting.


There are some limitations but overall I find it quite useful. For more information on it: 



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