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Where did my personal photos go that had been loaded as backgrounds? And how do I delete a photo?


Sorry - not sure which to post this, since it's a Settings issue. In the past, I have loaded about 15 or 16 personal photos to be used as backgrounds. However, starting maybe a month ago (I assume my most recent software update?), all but 2 disappeared. Also, all the standard photos included for free also disappeared and just show the "none" and "blurred" options. I do not initiate meetings. I mostly attend small meetings that I get sent an invite to. When I looked up the solution, it said to go to Preferences in the Desktop App, which I do, while not in an active meeting. All of my previously loaded photos are visible there, so I cannot figure out why almost none are accessible when I am in an active meeting??? Also, I realized I loaded one photo accidentally but can find no way to delete it.



We're having an issue where the recent update has possibly removed virtual backgrounds that were there. Or, it has possibly cleared the cache which has removed them as well. We are still looking into as well.


I have recently upgraded to a new Mac and in the process Zoom also updated. I lost all my previously stored background images. When I try and load them (through preferences and/or web browser), it will not load the background images. They are the same ones as I was using before and so cannot understand why. I have signed out and signed back in multiple times but still have the same issue. I am attaching one of those background images. It is the one I used in a previous version (a few weeks ago)