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When screen sharing Zoom crashes so I lose my students


When I screen share PPP, Word documents or whatever, with my students, Zoom constantly crashes... My students are left alone in the room and I am thrown out. 

Yes, zoom is updated

Yes, My Pc and my Laptop are both updated, (Win 10 64/Win11 64)

Yes, zoom is paid for by my school

Yes, my computers are rebooted several times a day

So, please, help!

It is not easy to explain things to my students when I cannot show them anything.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi Blakee,


there was an error with zoom when you try to share a big resolution (4k) in fullscreen.

I think it was related to the graphics-card. 


Can you please let us know your resolution of the windows you want to share and maybe have a look into your device-manager give us the name of your graphics-card?


In addition, check the graphics-driver for updates.

Furthermore have a look at this support-article, it may help to change the rendering.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Blakee ! Are you still having this issue when you're screen-sharing? If so, I would recommend checking out this article from our Zoom knowledge base that was recently updated:  


Let me know if that helps!