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When a co host is sharing audio only the other cohost's mic volume is getting subdued & vice versa


We are doing workouts/training where continuous music is shared in the background while the trainer is talking about exercises or anything else. Whenever 1 co-host is sharing computer audio to play the music the main speaker's mic volume is getting subdued or vice versa where if the speaker is talking over his mic the computer audio is getting subdued. The change in volume of the audio can be felt significantly, any one faced the same? need to resolve this ASAP



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @raj4suman, when sharing screen, check the following settings to see if this helps your experience. Try checking to see if you need to update your Zoom client. 


For sharing computer audio, you can click on 'Share Screen' to either share computer audio with your video you can check the 'Share sound' (Bottom left corner), or for music you can click on the advanced tab and click on 'Computer sound only.'


For your audio settings, could you try manually adjusting your input for your microphone as well as decreasing the suppression background noise setting? 



Run a test meeting and let me know if that makes a difference? 


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Additional question -   When co-hosting a Zoom meeting )2 people), do both mics need to be on? 

Today, I was hosting a meeting and our speaker was on Zoom.  I made him a co-host so that he could share his screen.  When he started presenting, I muted my speaker and we could not hear him.  When I turned my speaker on, he came though.