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When I share my screen on zoom, the sound goes crackly - even with my microphone connected


Hi there,


my colleague has an issue with the sound only via ZOOM.

When the user shares her screen on zoom, the sound goes crackly - even with her microphone connected.

I uninstalled and installed Zoom app, I did the following too - In the Zoom desktop client, click your profile picture > Settings > Audio, and uncheck the Automatically adjust microphone box.

I also checked updates, drives on her computer and nothing helped.

She has this issue only on Zoom calls when she shares her screen.


Can you help, please?


Thank you.




Hi Ivona1,


I would first check the bandwidth to make sure having audio and video at the same time is not a problem. I would also suggest making sure nothing else is pulling on the bandwidth, like Outlook, Teams, etc., by closing them. 


Have you tried adjusting the microphone setting under the computer/laptop settings? 

Thank you. 

I did all steps that you recommended, but there is still the same issue.


Any other suggestions, please?