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Video and audio keeps glitching and freezing with therapist


Hey, i have been having a lot of issues with zoom lately every time I meet with my therapist virtually. The video and audio will be great at first, but then around 40 minutes into the session it will start to freeze, and glitch out. I read that if you use zoom for free, that it will only give 40 minutes before it stops working. I asked my therapist about it, but she said she has a subscription for zoom. So I am wondering if I need to also pay for a subscription as well in order for it to stop glitching? I also have zoom meetings a lot with other people and hardly ever have any issues with glitching or freezing. So I am stumped and do not know what to do. 



Top Methods to Fix Video Lag, Stutter or Glitches
Reinstall your device driver
Repair Video with VLC Media Player
Scan for hardware changes
Disable hardware decoding
Decrease the video size & resolutions
Download/copy your video again
Use Best Video Repair Tool



Rachel Gomez