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Video and Audio are garbled


I am using a Dell All in One desktop. Within the last 2 days when I connect to a Zoom meeting, I am getting everyone elses video WITHIN my own video --they are flashing around (quite psychedelic)! 


In addition, I cannot hear clearly what others are saying as its ALL garbled and drawn out (lagging speech).  When I log off and log back in...its the same.  I am attaching 2 scrreen shots (please tell me which program is for my computers video) and #2 I am sending a screen shot of my zoom account page because it does NOT have a settings/wheel under my profile picture (I have noticed that tech support for other questions say to click on the settings wheel under the picture -- I cannot do that-- its not there)


It would be helpful to send me instructions WITH pictures of what to do.  

Many many thanks in advance!


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom;

I have tried clearing cache/cookies;

I have rebooted my WiFi and computer;

I have uninstalled and reinstalled my audio driver (I cant find my video driver - not sure what its called)

Everything that sounds like it could be related to video -- I have attempted to update the drivers and each time it says I have the latest versions;






Hi! Unfortunately I can't help you because I have the same issue but I would really, really like to have it sorted out because it's frankly embarrassing with my students! Thank you for creating this post, I hope someone can help us to solve it soon! 


I have had the same problem.  On a meeting tonight at least 2 others had it.  I found that stopping and immediately restarting video was a temporary fix, sometimes for less than a minute, other times for several minutes.  It was a nuisance but allowed me to participate without upsetting others.  It first happened January 3.  Both then and tonight I had just installed the latest Zoom for Windows.