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Video Lags Behind Spoken Audio


Approximately 2 weeks ago, all of our Zoom meetings are showing a lag of the video to spoken audio.  We can hear the person speak and about 2 to 3 seconds later you see their lips move.


This is across the board, not dependent upon desktop app, OS of the user, Zoom Room etc..  Everyone is seeing this regardless, and it's constant.   


Has anyone else experienced this too?   We've been using Zoom for more than 5 years, have a corporate account and many Zoom Rooms, so why all of a sudden is everyone impacted?


Would appreciate any feedback.  Thank you




I am also seeing this on the last 2 updates. My video is 3 - 5 seconds behind the audio, but everyone else seems fine. It is a complete disapointment, it has never done this before. My internet is very, very fast and I am the only one on it. Seems to be a Zoom issue but there aren't any responses that answer any of these concerns. It has been so terrible I just shut off my video and only use audio. I wish someone from Zoom would have some type of answer to what might be happening. So disapointed in the experience.